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Gleich ob ihr zur Tieffrequenzfraktion oder zur Classic-Jüngerschaft zählt. Hier werdet ihr fündig!

Der Show-Channel Guitars präsentiert einen coolen Mix aus Produkt-Neuvorstellungen, Tests, Markengeschichten und alles, was den Saitenfreudigen Musiker interessiert.

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Live for music

In the new series ‘Creative Origins’, Marshall Amplification invite a musician and artist to design a truly unique Origin amp, talking through their inspirations and what it means to be creative.

Designed to inspire

All Ibanez Premium series models are manufactured using select tone woods, high-profile electronics, sturdy hardware and are built by the dedicated skills of master craftsmen. The richness of sound, stunning appearance and unrivalled playability of the Ibanez Premium series will open the gates of your reservoir of inspiration. Learn More:

Wherever you want

Orange Endorser Mary Spender shows that whether you busk, play stages, practice at home or all of the above, the Orange Crush Acoustic 30 has you covered, leaving you free to work your magic.

Rock da house

Hedras Ramos @Hedras demos the new KX500 Etched and talks with Cort Guitars’ Will Pope. For modern players who seek top-tier aesthetics, parts and materials in a guitar that can cover multiple genres, from djent metal to modern to prog rock. Inspired from the already popular KX508MS and KX500MS, the new KX500 Etched Black is the new flagship model of the KX Series in conventional 6-string setup, equipped w/ Fishman Fluence Modern Humbuckers that are gaining popularity among serious players for its versatility.